How to choose playing cards?


Many fans of card games have a question, which playing cards to buy and what to look for when choosing a deck. Of course, it’s worth determining why you decided to buy playing cards. If you buy as a gift, you should pay attention to the beautiful design and quality of playing cards. When buying for yourself, you should pay more attention to ease of play and durability.

There are two main types of playing otakupoker cards. This is poker size and bridge size. The poker size of playing cards is most used for various card games and of course poker itself. These cards have a wide profile and are usually thicker. Moreover, they have significant weight and good wear resistance. The bridge is more often used for magic tricks or solitaire games. They have a narrower profile and fit better in the hand. They also simply take up less space, which is convenient when playing solitaire. Of course, the manufacturers of poker-sized cards are much larger than bridge-sized and are more common around the world.

Playing cards material.

In total, there are two main materials from which playing cards are made. These are cardboard and plastic. Plastic cards are more durable and serve their owner much longer. Also, the pleasant plastic structure smooths the palm pleasantly, and adds pleasure when playing. Such cards do not wrinkle and always restore their shape. Also, plastic cards are rarely marked, since it is not so easy to put any serifs on them. Playing cards made of cardboard are simpler and more modest in terms of durability. They wear out quickly and are very afraid of water. In general, a simple deck with frequent play rarely lasts more than a couple of months. After such use, damage appears on it. But of course such cards have their advantages.

At what price can you buy good playing cards?

It is difficult to accurately answer this question, since everyone himself determines which quality will fully satisfy him and each has his own requirements. In general, the most popular models of playing cards can be purchased from 300-400 dollars. They will be made from 100% plastic and have a decent thickness, making them reliable and durable. Among such cards are poker stars playing cards, Texas hold’em and premium poker.



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