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The present generation of people is mainly focused on the IT sector for jobs. They prefer to pursue a job in this field. Due to high in demand, the IT sector is also well developing with the years. Many rely on this field as this has better job recruitments as compared to any other field of digital marketing. There are many applications that are performed in the management sector, and IT Service Management is one of them. This helps in distributing the activities among the people working in the design, delivery and many more I’m the IT department. The steps included in the delivery of the product to the customer is also kept in mind.

The IT Service Management or the ITSM is used to implement, manage and look after the delivery of the IT services that are required to meet the needs of the organization. This is performed by the IT service providers who are a combination of people, process and information technology. This is cost-efficient and increases IT efficiency and productivity for a better understanding of the IT services. A beginner who enters into the IT service without any experience faces some problems as this is totally new for him or her. So, he or she watches the video, which helps them how to perform the tasks which are appointed to them. The given below are the top 5 videos which are recommended to be watched by a beginner.

Best 5 IT Service Management Videos

  1. Seven ITIL 4 tips for Service Professional by ITIL 4 Co-author!

This video is made by Barclay Rae, which is well known and is a consultant in the IT Service Management. This video is made available on YouTube, so anyone can easily access it without paying any amount. The duration of this video is 1 hour and 21 seconds. This is available in the webinar form. In this video, it has described the uses and features of the ITIL 4.


  1. Knowledge Management in the ServiceDesk Plus

This is a video which is advised to a beginner to watch before joining the IT Service Management. This is available on YouTube, which makes it easy for a beginner to watch it easily and even save it too. This is basically an overview and summarization of Knowledge Management. The duration of the video is just 1 minute and 42 seconds. This describes the different tools of the ITIL and gives knowledge about it too.


  1. Consider CMDP for ServiceDesk Plus

This video provides an introduction to the CMDP. This provides uses of the ServiceDesk. This video describes how to set up the CMDP before using it and also about the different element if the CMDP. This helps the beginners to have an idea about the CMDP so that they don’t face any problems further. This video consists of the relationship interlinked between the elements of the CMDP. The duration of this particular video is of 7 minutes and 50 seconds.


  1. What’s new in the ServiceDesk Plus 11.1

ServiceDesk Plus is a cloud computing platform in the field of IT Service Management. This video is based on the designing platforms of the IT Service Management ServiceDesk. The new version of this video has more features being described properly as compared to the old version of it. This video helps in giving tips to make the service look attractive and innovative. The duration of this particular video is just 29 minutes, and 8 seconds that means within an approximate of half an hour one can easily know about the ServiceDesk of the IT Service Management. This also tells us about the work distribution in an organization.


  1. ServiceDesk Plus Overview Demo

This video has a duration of 17 minutes and 12 seconds. This video gives an introduction of the ServiceDesk Plus in the demo form. This makes a person who is watching this video understand the concepts of the ServiceDesk Plus as a whole. This has also described the various tools used to make the customer’s delivery highly on time so that the customer has no issues with the delivery.


With the advance technology and its services, it has become very beneficial for everyone in some of the other way to gain a good profit from it. The IT Service Management is highly in demand, and many people opt it as a career option. But without experience, it becomes difficult to work in this field. So there are many videos which help a beginner to have an idea about IT Service Management.

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