Terrorist: Atom Bomb and H-Bomb Shots I Have Witnessed – The Public Needs To Be Afraid

What’s it going to take to solve your problems? I mean it…what is it out there? Am I the only one that is this miserable? What about you? Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Ya think? “Well, that’s kind of depressing .” “Why the heck should I keep reading this?”

Well, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s not a freight train thank goodness. Have you felt like the above mentioned more than once in the past couple of years, months, weeks, days? Now…how do you get a break? Do you need a break or two to go your way? Of course you do…who doesn’t?

This isn’t about me…it’s about you. I take that back…because I know how you feel, and I feel for you. I was more than miserable more times than I am willing to admit.

Now…my life is NOT all glitz and glimmer…not by a long shot…but I have the one ingredient that we all need…direction. And…direction can put you into a variety of paths. Direction in ones life is essential because there is always forward progress when you ‘know’ you have direction in your life, and if you are self-employed, your business.

Your direction in business will be dictated by your marketing. Your marketing plan(s), which are the heartbeat of your business, direct the future of your business. So…having direction in your business means you have developed and implemented a marketing plan.

Ask yourself this right now and be honest with yourself. Do you have direction? Does your business have direction? If your answer is anything along the lines of “I think so”…I’m sorry to say…you do not have direction. That may not be a totally fair statement, but I guarantee it is quite accurate.

You may be going forward…but that may be because you and your business are about to land flat on your face!

Anyone that has direction in their lives…in other words…a path to success, (which can take on many forms), they know it, and they know exactly how they are getting to where they want to be. Sounds like a tall order doesn’t it? It is in retrospect, but in real terms…in the right now…no, it is not that far off for you…or anyone for that matter.

This is about you, because you have a situation that need to be solved. What’s in it for you correct? Well, you are reading and searching for answers…good for you…because most do not. They give up. You are, believe it or not, a part of only 10% of the population that has any real drive. You can most certainly pat yourself on the back…you have successfully separated yourself from the pack. Hmm…feels kind of good doesn’t it? It should… shot blasting machine

So good for you, you actually are headed in the right direction and therefore you do technically have direction in your life. There…that wasn’t too bad now was it? “Yeah…I guess not”, you may be saying, but…”where’s my break?”


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